How do we create the best gaming chair?

About Us

We are a professional manufacturer of best gaming chairs. We have been working hard to design high-quality computer chairs that can tick all the boxes:
  • Very comfortable even after prolonged use
  • Made from high-quality industrial grade materials
  • Beautifully designed for gaming or office environments
  • A suitable price without a middleman to make a difference
We solved the above problems and launched the first HOMALL best gaming chair in 2012, which was well-received.
How our best gaming chairs were made?
In order to give you uncompromising safety and quality, each product is made of industrial-grade raw materials, manufactured using the most advanced technology, and then undergoes strict international quality testing.
High-quality Core Materials
  • Interior
    The abrasion resistance and bending resistance of PU leather greatly exceed industry standards.
  • Foam
    Cold-curing foam mixtures are manufactured using proven processes.
  • Steel
    Designed and based on safety certified steel.
  • Gas rod
    3-stage heavy-duty KGS gas piston. Safety certifications include: ANSI / BIFMA (through SGS) and ISO9001.
Tilt Mechanism
  • Certified for strength and durability through ANSI / BIFMA and ISO standards.
  • Each HOMLL best gaming chair is ANSI / BIFMA tested and subjected to more than 20 strength, durability and functional tests.
Professional Use
The HOMALL chair is stress-tested and recognized by professional gamers who demand the best games because they spend 16 hours a day sitting at their computer 7 days a week.
One challenge is that many console gaming chairs look the same and have dazzling features: artificial leather and mesh, padded armrests, adjustable backrests, lumbar support pillows, reclining mechanisms, footrests, gaming lounge chairs, bucket seats, Rocking chair and so on. A chair is something you really need to judge firsthand.
Direct to You
To give you the best experience, every HOMALL best gaming chair is sold directly to you. In this way, you will get a faster responses and even greater savings.